You dream of drinking sweet and savory drinks at Starbucks coffee shop, but your pocket doesn’t allow you to, right? If you have an EBT card, you can fulfill this dream.

SNAP benefits, better known as EBT card benefits really work at Starbucks. EBT card is given to those low-income Americans who fall within the poverty line. This card is given to households.

With the help of this card, eligible households can buy their monthly groceries at discounted rates. Furthermore, they can participate in the restaurant meals program. Starbucks standalone or licensed stores foods are not part of EBT restaurant meals programs. 

But don’t worry! This post will answer you how Starbucks will accept your EBT card.

Let’s delve into the following discussion to understand it better.

Does Starbucks take EBT?

Yes, Starbucks takes EBT cards. But there is a twist in the story. Starbucks serves its savory beverage services from two places, i.e. 1. Starbucks company stores  2. Starbucks licensed stores.

Starbucks company stores or standalone buildings are the premium places. You have to pay from your pocket to relish any scrumptious coffee, hot food, and prepared food. EBT card will not help you at this premium place.

By contrast, Starbucks licensee stores that are within the premise of grocery stores, such as Safeway, Publix, Target, Barne and Nobles, and others, can accept EBT cards. Simply expressed, if the retailer or grocery store has been accepting the EBT card, the Starbucks licensee store within that building will accept it.

Can I enjoy Sbux coffee through an EBT card at its licensee store?

Yes, you can enjoy Sbux signature coffee through an EBT card at its licensee store. Apart from this, you are eligible to purchase sandwiches, creamers, energy drinks, soft drinks, sweets, coffee beans, and ground coffee through SNAP EBT card benefits.

Since Sbux is not a part of the Restaurant Meals Program of the EBT card. You can’t use this card to purchase hot and prepared food and drinks from any Sbux licensee stores. All cold beverages and food items fall into the category of SNAP EBT card benefits.

How can I use an EBT card at Starbucks?

It is very easy and straightforward. As you use your EBT card for your grocery payments, you can use it at Starbucks licensee stores at any location.

After purchasing eligible items from the Starbucks store, you have to swipe your card as you do for other payments. Then, you will have to select SNAP EBT payment as the payment option. Then, you will asked to enter your PIN number to generate card benefits.


  1. Which Starbucks locations take EBT?

Starbucks doesn’t take EBT. However, you can use your EBT card in Sbux licensee stores if they are within the building of EBT-eligible grocery stores.

  1. Does Starbucks accept EBT for cold drinks near me?

If the Starbucks licensee store is situated within the building of the EBT grocery store, you can purchase Starbucks’ signature cold drinks through the EBT card.

Final words

In a nutshell, Starbucks is a luxurious place and its coffee is an expensive item. This doesn’t come within the benefits of the basic necessities of the EBT card. However, you can relish Starbucks beverages and snacks in its licensed stores. Its licensed stores that are within the premises of EBT retailers will accept your EBT card without any ado.

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