List of Best and Lowest Calorie Starbucks Food

Starbucks is a healthy food destination for those who want to stick to their good-for-eating habits. Yep, you read that right! You can order a balanced plate in Starbucks that will offer you a variety of nutrients.

So, satiate your tongue with one-of-a-kind savory food. Also, gain healthy nutrients that will keep your body fit and healthy.

Many of us like to visit Starbucks coffee shops as a daily ritual to enjoy our favorite coffee, tea, or other beverages. But sometimes, we tend to become health conscious when ordering food. This post will help you by making access to the lowest-calorie Starbucks food easy for you.

To put at bay any confusion or doubts that you may have regarding the lowest-calorie Starbucks food, I have rounded up everything in detail here.

Read on the article and order low-calorie food for healthier noshing in Starbucks.

1. Spinach, Egg, and Feta Wrap

You can choose a variety of protein-rich options at Starbucks. Spinach, egg, and feta wrap is a miraculously crispy breakfast that will make your mood in the morning.

The feta cheese is healthier than other cheese options as it contains low fat. But you should be careful of sodium intake after eating it in your breakfast. Feta is high in sodium. Apart from this, this is a power-packed breakfast option.

Once you do its intake in the morning, you will not require any other energy drinks. This is a wholesome breakfast that will energize your morning.

Nutrition value:

  • 20 gms of protein
  • 3 gms of fiber
  • 24 gms of carbohydrates
  • 290 calories

2. Reduced-fat Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg White Sandwich

Another great option that you can include in your breakfast is a reduced-fat turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg white sandwich. This is superb for those who want to nosh a savory breakfast in the morning.

The main ingredient of this sandwich is melted and low-fat cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese is called high in protein. This is the best for those who want to improve their muscle health and bone repair.

Apart from this, you will get the advantage of vitamin B12, which is essential for a healthy metabolism.

Nutrition value:

  • 18 gms of protein
  • 2.5 gms of saturated fat
  • 230 calories

3. Egg White and Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Whites

If you have the food cravings for Monterey Jack Cheese with topped smoked bacon, you should choose the egg white and red pepper sous vide egg whites in your breakfast.

This is a lighter breakfast option that you will have in the Starbucks coffee shop. The best thing about this food item is that it is suitable for those who are highly sodium-sensitive.

This contains low sodium and gives a superb taste on the palate. You should not miss this healthy delight in Starbucks.

Nutrition value:

  • 13 gm of protein
  • 170 calories

4. Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal

Are you looking for a power-packed option after long hours of workouts? If yes, you should place an order for hearty blueberry oatmeal. This is a power-packed food that will recharge you with the nutrition of oats, nuts, and blueberries.

Furthermore, the agave syrup is optional. You can avoid it if you have the risk of spiking the blood sugar levels in your body.

Nutrition value

  • 7 gms of dietary fiber
  • 5 gms of protein
  • 220 calories

5. Tomato and Mozzarella Panini

If you are looking for a portion of healthy food in your meal, you should order extra veggie food.

You will get tomato and mozzarella panini food as a healthy meal in a Starbucks restaurant. With a nominal amount of calories, you will get a variety of nutrients to keep your body energetic for the rest of the day.

Because of the presence of veggies, this is rich in fiber. It will give you relief from constipation.

Nutrition value

  • 15 gms of protein
  • 350 calories

6. Avocado Spread

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to dairy butter? If yes, you should go with the avocado spread. Though you will get avocado spread in grocery stores and online shops, Starbucks’ signature food avocado spread is the best option for you.

Starbucks baristas say that it is not prepared with preservatives to keep it fresh. High processing pressure is used in producing it.

So. don’t worry about your heart health now. You can come out from dietary restrictions of lactose food with the help of a tasty avocado spread.

Nutrition value:

  • 4 gms of fiber
  • 90 calories

7. Grilled Chicken and Hummus Protein Box

You can make your plate of lunch balanced and healthy by placing an order for a grilled chicken and hummus protein box. This protein-packed food is a one-of-a-kind scrumptious food that will give you a great treat in today’s lunch.

Apart from this, you can place an order for naan bread with it to satisfy your carb cravings. Don’t worry! Nothing will happen wrong with your calories. Your calories are still manageable with naan loaves of bread.

Nutrition value:

  • 22 gms of protein
  • 7 gms of dietary fiber
  • 300 calories

8. Rolled and Steel Cut Oatmeal

Kickstart your day with savory rolled and steel-cut oatmeal. This is the best food for hypertension and cardiovascular disease patients. Starbucks includes in its menu something special for each kind of person.

You will never be disappointed when you reach its restaurant if you are unable to understand which food will be healthy for you this time. You should order oatmeal. Its variety of nutrients will help your body to recover from illness.

Nutrition value:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber
  • 410 calories

Final words

Finally, you have come to know about the best and lowest-calorie Starbucks food. Now, you will be able to fill your plate with healthy nutrients. And don’t bother about their taste. Though they are very healthy, they are also savory food times.

So, tantalize your taste buds with the superb taste of these healthy delights. You can nosh these food items to your heart’s content and ask for more without thinking about their consequences on your body.

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